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I make films, photos, short stories and comics.


PhotoSampler 2014

  Elena in the Trampoline  (Wedding Photography) / Client: Carol & J.L.

Elena in the Trampoline (Wedding Photography) / Client: Carol & J.L.


Some highlights from recent and ongoing projects. 

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This is the chronicle of my first travel to China. The photographs on this volume were taken on the southwest countryside of the Sichuan province, quite close to the Tibetan border.

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This volume is a counterpart to the first one: Cities, Skyscrapers, Highways, Nike, MacDonald's, Louis Vuitton and all the usual suspects.

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Chapter 3: The Wasteland


You thought you were going to a beautiful beach and instead you found yourself in a wasteland.

Impressions of a visit to the beach days after a big storm.

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