Atticus Diablowsky

I make films, photos, short stories and comics.


Opening Night of Noches Eléctricas at Laboral.

CasiMiniFest Electronic Music Festival - Highlights of the 6th Edition

The First Chapter on a series of monthly videos inspired by my journey through the German language.

Opening Night of Estación Experimental at Laboral

Street Videography / Citizen Activism / Early footage                                              

Sometime ago, I lived in an apartment where every piece of furniture, every device no matter how little or big, everything with no exception, was a time bomb bursting with trouble and waiting for the most inconvenient possible moment to arise in full bloom. The landlords cheapened out in just about every detail, so you never knew when the next nasty surprise was about to pop up. One day, the pipes, tired of all the mistreatment, decided to conspire together with decades worth of grease and hair, and basically stopped working in the direction they were supposed to work. The must have thought that, for a change, it would be nice to do things upwards. Thus, millions of little black particles came back to the light of day where they once have lived. The bathtub was full of them in a matter of seconds. You know, they smelled kind of bad. And I am talking about industrial-watercanal-in-a-very-hot-day kind of bad. But who could blame them? I guess that showers are not in abundance down there. In any case, they came back, they claimed their right for a second chance and at least for a while, they were beautiful. So I grabbed my camera and started shooting endlesly, mesmerized by their dance, their patterns and their commitment. I call this piece and its companion 'Bad Landlords'.

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